Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dark Fledgling

I love crows and ravens.  They are indeed iconic to me, especially after my work and time spent with Morrighan in my first years as a witch. Since last summer I have been working with Aphrodite, which is very interesting (She has a sense of humor and likes to surprise me).  But Morrighan is really the Mother that came into my life, stripping all the facade away, which hurt a lot, but exposed my authentic Self.  She then worked diligently with me to carve and polish the rough and raw into something magnificent.  I'm more happy and whole than I've ever been in my life and that is the power of Goddess, my friends.

All Spring I've been seeing dead baby crows everywhere that get blown out of their nests and then eaten by something.  In my back yard there is a nest at the top of one of the 6 tall pines that make up the property line.  3 days ago, I found a fledgling crow caught in my trampoline net.  It was bleeding but not broken.  I know everyone's attitude up here is, "leave nature be," and I know that you are not supposed to interfere with wildlife but I just had to help this little bugger who just isn't quite ready to fly back up to the nest.  So I took it in, tended it's wounds, fed it, and named it Mave.

Mave is a bit too old to imprint, I think.  She (I have no idea what sex Mave is, actually) doesn't seem to like me but she takes food and water from me and begs incessantly from my window ledge, which is now covered in shit.  Baby crows need to eat every half hour and I've been feeding her a high protein diet of egg, chicken, soaked dog food, quinoa, spinach, and crushed eggshell. I must admit this is cramping my social life, especially since my daughter is visiting her dad right now so it really is the only time I do have a raging social life, and the Blue Moon Campout is taking place 15 miles up the road.
Every day I take Mave to the back yard for a couple of hours, where her parents scream and yell at her to fly the hell back up to the nest, but she doesn't.  I don't think she can.  She has improved a lot and is already looking stronger just after these past few days.  I'm certain she will be flying within (hopefully) the end of the week.