Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gardening and other exciting stuff

Below are some pics from my mom and my garden.  Also, in other exciting news, I went to Seattle and met EcoWhore.  She was every bit as awesome as she comes off in her blog.  It was a momentous occasion for me, because it was her blog, Hobostripper, that inspired me to start writing again.  She is someone that I think a lot of people would benefit from reading.  I also met another fan of hers, who was very cool too, a poet who told me all about the Groovy Jews House in Seattle.  She also said that if something terrifies her, that means that she should probably do it.  That made me feel really good for some reason.

On the witchy front, I did an abundance spell with some of the local community here and really good things have been happening to everyone.  Not like windfalls of money or anything but more like sprinkles of prosperity.  I wished for myself to have the obstacles removed that were in the way of my heart's desires.  I ended up getting in a fight with my x and having all of these triggers come up.  They were things from when I was a small child.  I had a good cry and then felt like I was brand new.  It was really good.  Then I got notice from MomsRising that they couldn't keep me on as an intern after August 30th.  Now I have to find a new job, but even though I'm bummed about losing that job, it might just be in the way of my heart.  So now I will be forced to not be complacent, get off my ass, and look for new horizons.  I'm okay with that.

I've been dating a little bit, and its been fun.  Both men and women.  There is one very pretty grrrrr in Ellensburg but it seems like we are both gravitating in different directions.  I've found someone that I think I really like, and I'm a little surprised because it is not someone that would ever catch my eye...I mean, the kind of person that you go by in the grocery store and don't even notice.  But once you make yourself look, well, his heart is like a kaleidoscope of radiant gems and syrups. My own juices are flowing with the bright heat of summer, and love is floating with the fuzzy cotton tree seeds in the wind.

Oh, and I packed in 5 miles to Goldmyer HotSprings in Washington.  Below is a photo of me channeling Aphrodite in the hottest pool.  Behind me is a mine shaft and so one can wade to the back of that cave and sit on a bench.  It really felt like being in a womb.

So...  back to the garden.  I wish I could take credit for this but it's really my mom.  She doesn't know it, but she's a green witch.  If you put a garlic clove in her hand it will begin to sprout.  I can take credit for the compost though, and I did help plant the seeds.  However, I'm not the ones keeping them alive.  Tonight I made a salad from the lettuce in the garden.  It's important to clean the leaves very carefully, as there are slugs and other critters.  I mixed the greens with feta cheese, red chili powder, and an ripe, juicy peach.  The peach tastes just like summer to me.  Mixed with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, a little salt, and it was juuuuuuuuuust right.

Okay, here are some pics of the garden...

lettuce, sweet peas, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, marigolds

corn, mint, and a whole bunch of herbs that I don't know yet

My compost.  Just a Hole with a black trash bag to cover it.  Lots of plants like to grow around my compost

adorable white wildflowers growing around my compost

I have a pear tree in my yard!

I planted these Petunias, wildflowers, and Marigolds on my deck and got my little gnomie from a store in town called, Mr. Higglebottom's

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mave Update

Mave finally got strong enough to fly into her/his tree!  The parents were wildly happy even though they are still upset with me.  I think all is well and this little crow might make it.  It was really hard taking care of Mave because she needed to eat every 1/2 hour and pooped a lot.  I'm happy I was able to do it, though.