Monday, September 22, 2008

words of Morrighan are sweet to my ears


Here you are, on a journey to Self. You are so much more than you can possibly imagine. I have blessed you with the joy of sisterhood and sight into the Mystery. For that, you must carry the responsibility of sisterhood and sight. It may seem a heavy burden at times but despair not. You are the Dragon that carries Kwan Yin over the waters. Without Me upon your back, You would sink beneath the turbulent sea of fear. Without Me, you would have not a steadfast course. For you carry me to deliver the treasures of faith, wisdom and healing to the world. This is your purpose as a witch and priestess. You are blessed with what you give to the world x 3. You will know great joy and peace. I love and bless My Women.

I am also known as Dark. I am the Abyss. All have agreed to sacrifice life to bring forth life again. I am the Mother that feeds on my children. I kill indiscriminately and feel ecstasy in battle. The ecstasy exists in death that exists in creating new life. The same pain exists in living that exists in bringing forth new life. Fear not death and pain. All life feeds on life. Death is only a return back to me. Life exists because All desire it. Desire is the force of life. Fear not the power of your hearts’ desire. For it is my desire as well.

I am enraged that my love and sovereignty have been denied. I have offered my body to my son and consort and my body has been pillaged. My priestesses raped and my children destroyed. I am Lilith who has exacted revenge for the death of her children. I refuse to be subdued and I may never be destroyed. I am the Washer at the ford for I foretell defeat and death for all who do not recognize my sovereignty.

Here you are. Together, on a journey to Self. I tell you now that your journey will lead you back to me for You are Me. As I am Life, Death, Wisdom, Power, Pain, Healing, Pleasure and Destruction, so are You. Take great joy in this knowledge. For this wisdom gives you power over fear.

I give Thanks to all who sacrifice their bodies for those who need. This includes all I have created, including the plants, trees and stones. For they are My body. As my priestesses, you must know this and give thanks for the sacrifices of others, and your own sacrifices in service to Me. In service to Life.

Blessed is the Coven of the Labyrinth that is illuminated by My Light. Blessed are the Women who join in sisterhood by my name. Call on Me and know that I listen.

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