Sunday, July 4, 2010

I can't write poetry but here goes anyway

Inspired by the 4th of July. Where we light fireworks to symbolize bombs which we take to symbolize freedom.

Happy birthday America,

Land of the free.

Freedom to colonize what didn’t belong to me.

Freedom to get rich at the cost of Earth, people, soul.

Freedom to make dominating others my goal.

Freedom to grant liberty to any man.

Who is not brown, gay or poor,

Or holds a joint in his hand.

And if you’re a woman, your body is mine to control.

Just like the land that I took long before.

But Look!

What is that on the horizon I see?

A lion?

The Sun?

A Labyrinth?

A Goddess!

She holds a scale in one hand.

The other hand is pointed directly at me.

She claims that She is America!

The Truth and the Struggle.

Freedom of Infinite Creation.

Like light from a prism,

Rainbows of people emerge from within her.

Many rivers come.

Flowing with the blood of innocents.

Trees sprouting from its dark banks touch stars which fall upon me.

I look for my gold and my armies.

But they flit away on wings that whisper of false prophets.

I beg for the compassion that I never bestowed.

And She grants it to me.

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