Friday, February 13, 2009

a born again crazy run amuck at my school

if you look closely at his mouth, you can tell that he is yelling, "you're all going to heLLLLLLLL"

this was the funniest spectacle I have seen in awhile. And I live in L.A.

do you agree that this HUGE sign, the way he is holding it, may be substituting for something else?
He repeatedly yelled that men were not supposed to "go down" on other men. He said it so much, I began to wonder who he was trying to convince. Homophobes are just self repressed homosexuals anyway. I feel bad for anyone who is a part of any religion that requires one to make an ass out of themselves in public.

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721sandwiches said...

This is incredibly interesting to me, 'cause we've got one of these guys in Key West this season who holds a sign reading "God Hates Fags." (in Key West...)

What can we do? People give him a LOT of shit about it, but doesn't that justify his actions in his own mind? (Now he's fighting the good fight for what he believes). What sort of mind is his anyway - can we really expect to communicate, or are we resigned to simply coexist with ugliness? I think the latter... but I don't lose sleep if someone else wants to shout or throw a rock. To each their own.