Thursday, February 5, 2009

my new spell candle and my daughter's portrait of me

I had a wonderful reading with Witchy Poo and we spoke about heart healing. One thing she asked me to do was to imagine myself a young girl again and to send love to that little girl and tell her, "I will always love you and keep you safe."

So I made a spell candle for it:)

But I got into a fight in the back alley of my house. Witchy said that things like that are a trigger for me to send love to my heart so I lit the candle soon after getting into the fight. But the top of it exploded off and shot across the room when I lit it. So now it's broken.

I really exploded on this woman in the back alley who refused to move her car so that we could get into our parking spot. Looking back, I let myself get out of control because I wanted it to get physical. Now I'm glad it didn't. I think that the rage explosion blew out of my heart. Witchy and I did a heart-song healing and she noticed there was blockage so we focused light on my heart to break up the "clog". I think the rage is the diarrhea that my heart is shattting ouuuuut... I felt sick the whole rest of the day and yesterday but now I feel good.

Below is a picture my daughter drew of me after the altrication in the alley, which she witnessed and said that I was pretty scary.


witchypoo said...

Your daughter is an amazing artist! Amazing that your candle blew up.
Heartsong is always healing, even if it takes a while to truly get it. Thank you for sharing energy with me.

dollyspeaks said...

lol, I like your daughter's picture. Very creative. ;)

I get that way sometimes too. I feel so much anger against people I just want to scream; I think I'm less confrontational than you are though because I never actually approach the people pissing me off. Instead, I end up taking out my hurt on people I care about or it just burns my insides--and that can be worse.

Did you feel the song helped ease your rage? I like your candle. It's so pretty. It makes me want to make something for me when I was a little girl.

i_muse said...

Your daughter really can capture energy on paper huh?


that is awesome- reminds me of New Zealand warrior dance faces.

I secretly love it when the 7 day candles perform in ways they normally wouldn't- it's a bit scary and a lot affirming of the powers bestowed.