Sunday, February 15, 2009

There are so many things wrong with this news article that it makes my stomach hurt

NBC's take on the violence perpetrated by Chris Brown.

They write that he is hurting more than she is, because his career may be ruined?

They confirmed that she has horrific injuries, including, "Rihanna, 20, had contusions to her face, bite marks on her arms and fingers, a bloody nose and a split lip with swelling and bruising on her body...Brown allegedly beat Rihanna so badly with his fists that her eyes were nearly swollen shut, and she could barely open her eyes for police photos"

so this is not as bad as losing one's job?

Here is something else that bothers me.

"Not only is Brown’s career hurting, but he’s said to be lovesick as well. The Daily News reported that Brown has tried contacting his estranged Barbados-born songstress girlfriend only to be rebuffed."

First of all, poor, lovesick Chris Brown! Why does he get to have a name, yet Rhianna is reduced to "his estranged Barbados-born songstress girlfriend" Ummm. She's RHIANNA! This is so typical of victim devalue-ment with our mainstream media. She's nameless and "rebuffs" his "lovesick" attempts. I think I'm going to puke.

And this is the part that I knew would come. Character assassination of the victim. "sources described the Rhianna as a clingy girlfriend who can't bear to have Brown out of her sights." I know he beat the shit out of her, right? But after all, she was insecure.

News reports are supposed to be unbiased. This one sounds like the author, Andrew Greiner, has some issues himself.

And we actually sit around and wonder why violent assault against women is so prevalent?


Livia Indica said...

You're so right. I call anti-woman bullshit on that!

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

@ Livia - Definitely anti-woman indeed. Shame and blame on the woman and not having the man own up to his shit!

UGH...patriarchy is a *doozie* again!

ShanaRose said...

I'll 2nd (5th?) those sentiments. Puke inducing for sure. I'm gonna reblog this here please let me know if you want me to remove it @ shanaroseis(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Finally, Hello SlothWomyn, I'm glad I finally followed the trail back to your blog!

dollyspeaks said...

It seems we always find a way to justify beating the shit out of women. She was asking for it. She was dressed the wrong way. She wouldn't shut up.

And it's always the man who walks out of it the victim.

Fuck patriarchy.

PS But kudos to you for writing about this Robin. Great post.

Sloth Womyn said...

Oh Shana, I'm happy to be re posted!
however, when I tried to go to it, it said it couldn't be found.

721sandwiches said...

I checked out your blog after getting a comment (and I've seen you comment on Carrot's blog before, too).

This is just another (one of the better ones) example of why you really can't turn on network news. Aside from the specifically disgusting case here, there is still nothing to redeem this fake news. It's all about creating meaningless labels and polarizing people. The simplest things end up in poor taste. It's comical until it really gets under my skin. I don't watch. NO WANT.

Thomai said...

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cpml007 said...

When my sister got married I took my new brother in law to one side for a friendly chat as follows "You are the guy my sister has chosen to spend her life with, and from today your job is to make her happy and I hope you succeed. However if the time comes that you can no longer make her happy, don't make her unhappy. And if you ever hit her she has 3 older brothers, (me and 2 others)We will be very lenient on the first offence and will only break your legs, if there is a second offence, we will make sure there won't be a third" He looked at me and tried to guage whether I was serious or not, what he didn't know was that I was deadly serious. Rihanna should have 3 older brothers to sort out this lowlife scumbag.