Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apparently, I 've been talking in my sleep.

I'm in the dark and smoke is all around me. There is something so sinister, that is so close to me. I am afraid. I know in my heart the right vibration to defend mysel from this menace. it is a sound. I make the sound. "VVVVFWOAAAAAA" I make this vibration with sound and it forms a forcefield around me. I am safe.

"Mom! Why are you making that strange noise?" It's my daughter and I wake up and realize that I have been talking in my sleep.\

"I just had a weird dream, baby. I was just talking in my sleep." I reassure her but she insists on changing from the outside of the bed to the side that is against the wall. It feels safer for her.

"soooomaaaaaa" I say again in my sleep, as the dream did not leave me even though it was interrupted. My daughter tells me that she will go sleep with her grandma if I don't stop making scary noises. I laugh really hard because I actually realize how ridiculous I sound. She laughs too. The next day she laughs about it. She really thinks I'm a weirdo.

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