Monday, May 31, 2010

Lifestyle Changes Update

This is actually more of a confession. I have to be accountable and understand what my triggers are. So I was doing yoga for a week, not eating late at night and avoiding gluten. I had lost two pounds and felt pretty good. Yay me! Then, 3 days ago, I bought half dozen doughnuts and stuffed them all in my face. Could it have to do with the whole child support thing? PMS? My breasts really hurt. I got so sick with indigestion it has taken me a few days to recoup. Yesterday I started to feel better but ended up having pizza for dinner. Today is a new day. I am hopeful. But I still feel rather lost and overwhelmed. Can I do this by myself?

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Emily said...

I am right there with you, sister.
I did the same thing, starting in January, stuck to it for a few months, lost 20 lbs... and then last week found myself binging on M&Ms and cheetos when I got home from work, just stuffing 'em in and washing them down with Mtn Dew, then feeling like crap, which spiraled into wanting to feed this inner something that screams louder when I am stressed/ emotional. Ugh... trying to make tomorrow a new day too...