Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vivid dreaming

My dreams were vivid early this morning. I was resting my head on some one's chest. I loved this person and they loved me. Will I ever find this person in this life? Their arms were circled around me and I felt safe. A carnival ensued around us and mimes dressed in orange throwing orange balls passed us by. We were by the sea. There is a peninsula that I go to often in my good dreams. It is a safe place for me. There are always fairy festivals and happy pagans there who I sometimes visit with.

When I awoke there was pink light splashed all over my wall, yet when I looked out the window, it was gray. I felt confused. I ask Mikyla if she sees it. She's mad at me so she ignores my plea. Last night the heat was so oppressive that I could not eat nor sleep. I felt so helpless. Today, I'm feeling very strongly the pull to get out of Los Angeles and travel North. I can't leave yet so there is nothing to ease me.


Emily said...

First thing - sometimes in dream interpretation I have looked at the OTHER in my dream (i.e. the person that loved you) as some part of yourself outside your ego, your day-to-day self.

Second, yes, that heat was fucking oppressive. It had Matt and I talking up our plans to get the hell out. The stress just never seems to abate anymore. It's not that we're running away so much as seeking a place that is healthier and more nurturing. Wishing you luck in your endeavor to do the same. :)

metahara said...

That person in the dream- that loves you so and comforts you-
is you.

Sloth Womyn said...

I knew that you would say that. I am a hopeless romantic, though, so I can't help but want it to be someone else. You both are right. It's getting nasty hot again.

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

Cool dream. Pink light can mean love, healing love and compassion. I had a dream where I was flying West once. The further I flew in my dream the closer I go to this pink light. For me it was healing love.

My dreams were pretty vivid this morning. I had a super spiritual aspect to my dream and then I was with this man in my dream.

To travel north? Where would you go? I always want to be in the north although I am much more north than you are right now.

Sloth Womyn said...

Do you feel like your dream world starts to become much stronger this time of year? I do, and I get much dreamier. Worlds get blurred and at times I can't decipher dream from waking memory.

Last night I dreamed that my black kitten, Felonious Punk, got out of the apartment and followed me down to the beach. He went with this fluffy, dog like but not quite creature that was seemingly also my pet. I kept trying to bring them back home but they kept escaping and finally I gave up.

The pull North is so strong now it's almost unbearable. I moved to Portland, OR this past July but a heartbreaking fallout with my roommates and the sudden desire to continue my education brought me back. I want to stay here to finish my undergraduate degree which means I wouldn't be able to move until 2010. I don't know if I can stay that long so I just have faith that I am where I need to be. Honestly, I feel like I might die if I stay here too long.

I did some online research on your tribe to learn more about your heritage. I was immediatly drawn to the story of the prophet of the first fire who told the Ojibway people to move or be destroyed. I relate and feel that Migration is a natural and harmonious way for people to live. All the immigration drama that is going on now comes to mind and also this article that Leslie Marmon Silko wrote about immigration and how it's a force of nature. Nomadic living works in the circular system of the Earth, never completely depleting one place, moving with the heards and the seasons.

I also read that many english words and names like Mississippi, and moccasin come from the Ojibway language.

Do you live on Madison Island in NOrthern Wisconsin? It seems that is the reference to Turtle Island?

Sometimes info on the web is unreliable, but this site seemed good. This was my source:

Sloth Womyn said...

I mean, Madeline Island.

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I do my dreams become more intense at this time of year. Because it is a time of year that we have to go inward because of the change of seasons and lack of light. That's an interesting dream that you had. I have had many dreams about cats. They are always following me or I am trying to help them.

Migration is totally natural as compared to this sedentary lifestyle. I know that I would stay in a place for a few weeks, months or a few years if I would do this instead of having to settle into a place. I feel drawn to so many places and definitely not the place where I am now. I am not in Northern Wisconsin but I would love to be anywhere north to where I am now. It is funny you say Madeline Island because I have a really strong connection with that place. In fact, I would like to visit that place soon. I am in Southeast Michigan right now although this is not the place I really want to settle down. Turtle Island is what we call America/Canada.

There is so much cool information to read about the Ojibway. I have tons of books written about Ojibway traditions, ceremonies, etc. So if you are ever looking for some recommendations and want to know more then I can share them with you!