Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm very happy that Obama won and for the first time in a long time, I felt proud to be an American last night. Hopefully, this country is not as racist as it once was. Hopefully, people will take to heart what Obama said and not only seek to take care of themselves, but to take care of their sisters and brothers too. I believe that this is a great step towards a more compassionate, peacepromoting, humanitarian and equal society. "YES WE CAN!!"

Obama was right when he said it would be a long, steep climb. In California the ban on gay marraige succeeded!!!! I am horrified that my fellow californians would choose inequality and discrimination over equal rights for all. I believe that those of you who voted yes on 8 will soon come to realize what a horrible thing it is to impose yourself between someone else's marraige. I believe that because I am going to hex you.

Thank Goddess prop 4 was defeated. Barely though. Seems like alot of people still want to stick their noses up other people's vaginas. Perverts. How dare you?

Prop 5 would have given money to rehab drug dealers instead of just locking them away and then letting them out again. Even though most caught with selling are also using drugs and where does one become learn to be a drug addict and to deal it to do it? Like my best friend Jenna said, "Highschool." Apparently people want to see their teenage kids spend more time in jail than rehab. Nice. This wouldn't have cost us any money either. Remember, drug dealers get out of jail, don't you want them to go through some rehab first?

I'm glad that at least their was some solidarity against cruelty for animals as prop 2 passed.

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