Thursday, December 18, 2008


Winter Solstice is approaching and all I can say is wow. I am still processing all that is happening but I am smiling right now, smiling big.

I can't describe what it's been like this cycle to fully embrace the dark. I cocooned, abstained, died, released and liquefied. I hit bottom and then something intrinsic transformed me. The shift in energy was and still is so dramatic I feel like I am ascending on a bubble of optimism and energy, passion, hope and love. I am ready to be reborn and spread my new, wet wings.

The stars told the story of pluto wreaking havoc in my bed and then leaving a priceless jewel under my pillow before sneaking out.

Last week I turned in an article that was an edited version of my gain/calworks rant for the GWS newsletter. Apparently, my professor liked it so much that she shared it with some of her colleagues. It will be published next semester and They were so touched that they presented me with a card with $100 in it. At first I was mortified because I did not write that for charity, but to expose the truth of my experience. However, I quickly melted into tears when I realized that this was not only a validation from educated, professional and important women, but from the Universe. I feel renewed in my educational endeavor and I'm ready to show them what I've got next semester.

Winter Solstice is the birth of the Sun
Winter Solstice is the moment of conception
Blessed is the dark
from which I am emerging
Blessed is Erishkegal
Queen of the deep Earth
Blessed is the light
towards which I reach
that I may dwell on Earth
And be born with the sun
Blessed Be


dollyspeaks said...

*squee* Congratulations! That's so awesome! ^_^

Stevie said...

Go Robin Go!!!