Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I hate giving myself tarot reading because it always comes out the same for me. "Discipline, school, growth, hard work" Never new love or awesome surprises or anything like that. I also emotionally skew my own readings so they are less accurate. So this time I had my best friend, Jenna, do my cards for me. She doesn't know exactly how the spread works(I do a Celtic Cross but I have a little personal twist I use to make it into a spiral), but she pulled them. I must say, it was a dope-ass spread! The above deck is the one I've been using.

My question was, "What do I need this cycle to achieve healing and wholeness?" (cycle being between now and Hallows.)

First, the cards validated my own feelings for me. Swords, swords, swords. Yes, I've been cutting through bullshit, yes, it's been hard. Yes I've been worried.

"Will it get any easier? Or is there more bushwhacking ahead?"

So for my near future card, I get the 8 of wands. An awesome surprise! Something new and unexpected and cool as hell. And coming SOON. Fulfillment and soft growth. In other words, good times.

"And what will help me get to this level of obvious, increased well-being?"

I pull The Lovers. Now mind you, I put in my last post that I'm not casting for a partner this cycle. The lovers is also a card that signifies a unified self. It is also about self love, which I've been in tuned with recently as well.

I did an "arrow of love" spread for CJ and Jenna. I got that their relationship is going to lead to a great work of art. That is too cool, I can't wait to see how that manifests.


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dollyspeaks said...

Neato! It sounds like aside from the swords (which you seem to already know about) you got good cards. :) I don't know anything about tarot reading, but I think I'd probably want somebody else to do my reading for me too. I can only imagine how distracted and emotionally involved I would get if I were doing one for myself. I'm glad your reading came out so well! ^_^