Tuesday, December 2, 2008


so here is my chart. Not that I know how to read it or decipher where Pluto is transiting at the moment. It says that my Pluto is in Libra. Not that I know what that means. Any help?


vagabondastrologer said...

very cool that you got your chart! pluto is a very important planet to you, as it rules your destiny point (north node). it looks like you carry a history of 'convent' energy, or strict religious ideas that block intimacy with others. connecting with other ideas and people, even shocking ideas and people, is very 'on path' for you. your blog is a great example of putting the truth out there. no lies this time! good job:)

Emily said...

Yolanda Valenzuela is a great astrologer :) You should send her a message: cyclesandsymbols@comcast.net

Love you sis!