Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another List of New Year's Resolutions?

No - How tired is that, right?

Well, it sort of is but disguised as "goals" or "intentions" for this cycle. All of the outward stuff. How boring! Yes, I know, but I'm posting it anyway just to give myself some accountability and see how realistic I am being. Here it is:

- to refrain from eating fast food
- to apply sustainable practices to my food habits that nourish my body as well as my relationship with Earth
-----buying organic and local
-----eating more fruits and veggies
-----no gluten
------less packaged/processed foods
----------------- -cooking more at home
----------------- -finding new recipes
- to grow some herbs in pots
- to learn how to compost and do it in a small container
- to grow some medical cannibas
- to progress to the next belt level of Krav Maga
--------- - attend classes 3-5 times a week
- to have a daily yoga/pranyama/meditation practice
----------- - 15 minutes to 1 hour
- to do a self blessing daily
- to do ritual on all esbats and sabbats
- to walk to bring/pick up Mikyla from her school
- to get A's in all of my classes
- to create and follow a financial budget
- to have a home managment plan
- to have Mikyla on a proper schedule with a proper bed time
- to have a strong writing practice
- to have a self-care/nurture practice
---------- make my own herbal skin care products
---------- make time to use them!
- to have an organized system for remembering important dates/assigments/moods/moontimes/birthdays/bills

- to create a schedule that incorporates all of the above
- to choose not to procrastinate when it comes to these above activities
---------lessen anxiety

- to read to Mikyla at bedtime
- to have a savings account with money in it
- to write a novel
- to go camping all alone
- to go to Montana and build a straw-bale structure in the summer

- to make this process of achieving these goals fun and successful!

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dollyspeaks said...

WOW! That is a terrific list. Yoga, healthy food, focus on studies, self-writing... I think you're on the right track to loving yourself. Just don't stress out if you can't fit it all in on one day. ;) I hope you are successful in your endeavors!