Sunday, January 18, 2009

portals and nature spirits

remember when we were children and could spend hours with the stones, going through tiny portals and leaving time behind?



Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I do remember! I still do this now! Rocks and crystals are some of my favorite friends!

dollyspeaks said...

When I was little, I remember visiting one of the Great Lakes and collecting all the Petoskey stones I could. Even when I go to beaches today, the first thing I love to do is collect what I find on the shore or on the ground.

It's interesting that you bring this topic up because I'm in an environmental geology course right now. At first, I thought it would be terribly boring. But as we're getting further into the material, I'm awed by how everything in the earth seems still but is really always moving. Rocks are pretty damn amazing!

Curious Curandera said...

great pics!