Friday, January 23, 2009


...we flow with Her...

It's a dark moon again. For witches, this is THE time to banish/release anything in our lives that isn't serving us. All of those ugly things that we shove into our deep, dark, insides needs to come out or it will toxify. Speak it, write it, burn it. However it's released, know that the dark moon will hungrily receive it and transform it.

Why is it important to release this shit? Have you ever been constipated? It's the same, but spiritual. We want to make space so that we have room to plant good things that will make us happy. And we do that at new moon which is on Sunday.

The moon at this time, 3 days before new, can be viewed as a void. A black hole that sucks, sucks, sucks. Check out your mood during this time. What is being sucked away from you? Energy? Peace? Make a conscious decision to give the Universe your stress, sickness, and weariness. She will gladly oblige. Intention is everything.

And yes, this is also the time for hexing. As Dianics, we do hex, bind and banish. But there is a trick to it. Know that every single thing you send out WILL come back to you. When it does get back to you, it will be stronger and that's why we say, "It comes back 3x3."

If one hexes someone for say, littering, then the hexer (hexer. Is that a word?)better make sure they never drop anything on the ground or they will be the victim of their own hex. I have hexed rapists and pedophiles with impunity and I have no fear of retribution because I will never rape anyone.

Do not send specific punishment to a person. That will certainly come back to you. Instead, simply hold up a mirror. The intention is that everything the person does will be reflected back to them. If they do harm, harm will come to them. If they have a sudden change of heart and cause joy, they will in turn receive joy. My high priestess recommends appealing (in meditation) to the person's mother before hexing them to give them a chance. Always give Goddess veto power, as with any spell, to insure that the greater good is not being interfered with.

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Livia Indica said...

"Always give the Goddess veto power"...I like that. That's a very responsible way of looking at it.