Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more dreams

I'm up early this morning with a stuffed up nose that I can't seem to blow enough. I think that I might be pmsing because I'm dreaming heavy again which is usually a sign that the flood gates are getting ready to open. Here's last night's latest installment from my twilight other world.

I was on a tour bus with other tourists riding down the coast of some very beautiful, tropical land. The water in the ocean was crystal clear and I could see all of the underwater life swimming around. All of the sudden, I saw the hugest whales swimming in the water. Everyone around me was exclaiming in awe. The tale alone on these whales was bigger than the tour bus itself. One whale jumped out of the water gracefully. However, this caused a huge tidal wave that was coming straight for us. I was terrified of getting washed into the ocean with the bus so I jumped out through a window and ran up a hillside. I watched the bus go into the water and the tiny, krill sized people were swallowed up by the magnificent whales.

1 comment:

dollyspeaks said...

Whoa, that's a crazy dream. Water in your dreams is a lot more threatening it seems than water in my dreams. I wonder if your dream is reflective of your clear understanding of the world (while everyone else around you seems to get chomped alive)?