Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm going to take this advise...

Today's horoscope is spot on.

"Remember that it is okay to have a little down time, dear Leo. Don't feel like you need to always be up and on stage. Take some time for yourself to be mellow and quiet. Today is one of those intense days in which you feel overpowered by the energy around you. Don't resist this feeling. Sink into your emotions and experience them for the power that they can bring to your overall psyche."


dollyspeaks said...

Isn't that the lion from... oh, now I can't remember. It was like, the Simba the White Lion, but that sounds too Disney to me. Anyway, the style looks like Japanese manga god Osamu Tezuka's. I'm picky about what I read of his, but when I find something I like, I love it.

Anyway, all that's totally non-related. I love it (and am always a bit creeped out) when my horoscope is spot on. The first time I met Cecelia it was! It told me I would meet someone new and that they would teach me a lot about another culture. Turns out, she did. :)

Sloth Womyn said...

isnt it from an anime called "Kimba the white lion"?

I love anime.

dollyspeaks said...

Yeah, Kimba! I looked it up. :)

Me too! Though, like I said above, I'm pretty picky. I try to deal with my "masculinity complex" by watching DBZ and other shonen anime, lmao.